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Mixed bag of creativity.

Creating things since 1968.

Art heals the soul.

Why choose me?

Hilarious. Funny. Witty. Fab service. Also, cats.

My portfolio

My work is original fine art.

Stylized representational paintings combine traditional art with the latest digital technology allowing me to explore the vast spectrum of colors, textures and applications. My subjects tend to be animals, houses/buildings, and subjects laced with a bit of humor and whimsy. All work signed. Having spent the majority of my life working in the business world and creating on the side, I finally decided to do what I love most - CREATE.

To pitch a freelance opportunity, commission a painting or order and customize my original work for sale,

Average price for similar commissions like below based on submitted photos are between $75-$125 USD. I will email you the completed painting. You may then have printed and framed, printed on canvas or printed on your desired medium. Thank you for visiting my gallery!

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What my clients say?

Totally hilarious and brilliant take on my best friend. Who is a dog. For the WIN!

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If I described my original painting from Sheila as a food...DEFINITELY macaroni and cheese. Always, delicious. Goes with anything. Makes me warm and cozy. Too much?

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Totally original. I've commissioned a lot of paintings of my animals. But this is AMAZING. Definitely will be back for more. Also, wonderful gift idea for people who have everything.

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Deep in the heart of Texas. The Rivercity. San Antonio. The Alamo. The Pearl. Also, cheese enchiladas.
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